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About Us

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Our journey began with the founding of a modest company, Empire International, in 1985. Homesick for the foods they grew up with, the original founders aspired to bring authentic Indonesian food to the growing sector of Indonesian, Dutch-Indonesian, and Asian immigrants in California.

Empire International soon grew their import and distribution business to over 300 grocery stores, restaurants, and family-owned establishments throughout the United States and Canada by 1990.

As time went on, newer generations evolved and became more open to imported and authentic flavors from abroad and with it, the way they shop and bring food to their tables. Millenniyum was founded to become the solution to the ever-changing consumer.

Our mission is to bring the same authentic and specialty foods that have been there since the start of our journey, but with the ease of modern shopping. In addition to our best-selling products, we offer a curated selection of imported and quality goods to bring the flavorful experience of traveling abroad in the comfort of your own home.